12 Days Gracious Living: Day 4 Tricky Sitchies

by Mindy Lockard on December 16, 2010

Did you see happen to see our quotes in the December issue of Women’s Day?


The topic?


That’s right, tricky holiday family situations, or “sitchies” as I like to call them. We’ve all had ’em, which is why I love this topic. So, if you didn’t catch the article, here are the questions they asked and my answers!  Here’s to keeping your holiday sitchies from being down right sticky!

Questions: What suggestions do you have for handling Family Gossip?

For some, family gossip is as much a tradition as turkey and cranberry sauce.  Here are some easy ways to serve up more congenial communication this holiday season. Let’s start with the lady incharge, the hostess with the mostess. Every family has one. Aside from planning the event always keeping her guests in mind, the hostess can easily defuse possible frustrations by communicating holiday details, and expectations, to everyone in advance. The hostess also prepares a diplomatic plan, tucked in her apron pocket, just in case gossip or inconsiderate chat breaks out. Family and guests can also lend a helping hand by carefully defusing gossip with calm words such as “I understand that you’re frustrated.” They may offer sympathetic solutions that can help build a bridge such as, “I’m sure it wasn’t intended that way,” or “Perhaps you should let them know how you’re feeling.”  At the end of the day, keeping gossip out of our family traditions will ensure that we all bring our gracious best to this year’s holiday table!

Question: What should readers do if they open a gift they hate?

Have you ever opened a gift and thought, “Am I being punked?”  Then you see the look on Aunt Betty’s face and realize that it is indeed a sincere present?  After the gift is out of its wrapping, there is no need to go on and on about how much you love it when you don’t. No acting required.  All you need to do is smile and say genuinely, “Thank you so much for thinking of me.”  You can worry about what the do with the dreadful sweater or the horrifying throw pillows at a later date. And, remember be sure to send a thank you note.

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Housewife Bliss 12.16.10 at 7:48 am

So delighted to hear this! Might need to pop to the shops later to pick one up.

Kate Lewis 12.16.10 at 7:51 am

Mindy! How exciting! They were very smart to seek you out. Good for you!!

Mindy Lockard 12.16.10 at 8:25 am

Thank you so much ladies! It was an honor to be mentioned! Coryanne, I acutally missed this issue (if you can believe it) Janaury is out now. I’ll send you the link when they post it on their website!

Lady 12.16.10 at 11:33 am

Oh my , you are simply incredible! Congratulations!

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