12 Days of Gracious Living Day 11: Saying Thank-Y

by Mindy Lockard on December 24, 2010


Give Thanks!

Please and thank-you will always be a magic treat! Don’t forget to use these magic words when you ask something of someone or follow-up with a “Thank You” or even better a Thank-You note when you are the recipient of a gracious act! Here are a few of our favorite reminders!

The Focus The key to a well-written thank-you note is not found in profound statements, the use of large words, or even perfect penmanship. A well-written thank-you removes the “I” and replaces it with “you.” It is easy to make the notes about us: “I loved it.” “I appreciate your friendship.” “I will use it often.” I, I, I. Create the discipline of making the note about the other person: “You always select the most thoughtful gifts.” “Your friendship means the world to our family.” “You were so kind to think of me while I was ill.” “You have a gift in the kitchen,” etc. Thank-you notes are about crediting the giver of the gift or act of kindness while expressing your sentiment. A note written with the giver in mind will become a handwritten gift worth treasuring!

The Presentation Although we should not be judged by the nature of our thank-you, we should make a concerted effort to present ourselves well. Taking the extra time to draft a note, consult a dictionary or thesaurus when necessary, and use a pen that presents our penmanship well shows the readers that we took the extra care and effort to make the thank-you a lovely one!

The Expectation Remember that expecting a thank-you note is as big of a faux pas as not sending one. True giving expects nothing in return. If we begin keeping score, we will always be disappointed. It is said that it is better to give than to receive. Enjoy the giving process enough that a thank-you is more than you could ask for. Once a gift is given, let it go, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when a thank-you does arrive. (Don’t stand at your mailbox calculating how long it has been since the gift was given!)

The Acceptance rejecting a thank-you by telling the author they didn’t need to is like rejecting their effort to show you respect and care. The only job of the recipient of a thank-you is embracing the message and enjoying the gift of thanks without any strings attached!

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