30 Days of Social Connection | Day Eleven: PHONE

by Mindy Lockard on April 20, 2020

30 Days of Social Connection | Day ELEVEN: Phone Skills 









Today’s Power Skill: Phone Skills

Hello? Hello? Today we are talking about elevating our Phone skills, taking them from Good (which is what you’re already doing) and elevating them to BEST! Of course when you are talking to your friends on the phone it’s okay to be casual, however there are times when we need and want to elevate our behavior and knowing / practicing the skills will be very helpful.  YOUR challenge this week is going to be to 

Phone Skills (The Leadership Academy Phone Printable):

  • Schedule Call
  • Before Calling, Limit Your Distractions
  • What if they Don’t Answer: plan what to say if you leave a message
  • Come Prepared: write Down a few Tell Me About questions so you can keep the conversation moving along and avoid awkward silence and have a pen and paper to take notes
  • Smile: this might sound crazy, but when we smile we actually sound happier.
  • Friendly Opener: when we call someone it’s always nice to set a happy tone as it helps the other person to feel. When the person answers say, “Hello __________, this is __________” Even though they most likely know who you are, sometimes when you call an office (again we are preparing for future) the person may not have caller ID
  • What to Say: plan to have something to say right away to avoid the awkward silence in the beginning of the call.
  • Closing: practice Wrapping Up the call, so it doesn’t get into an awkward space where people don’t have anything more to say
  • ALWAYS: say “Good Bye” … don’t just hang up

Family Dinner Table Talk Questions / Conversation Starters:

  1. Share an Awkward Phone Conversation You’ve had
  2. Explore the steps above and discuss why the Power Skill is important
  3. Set “Someone to Call” Goals Enjoy the Connection…
  4. Remember, Practice Makes PERFECT. Or at least just less awkward:)


Looking for an easy way to have your teens feel productive during the day? Here’s our Ten-a-Day sheet that teens can fill out. This chart includes five blank spots that your teen can fill in and five family responsibility “nudges”  pre-written in to help give teens ownership and independence during these days that seem to run together… oy vey!

Printable:  Leadership Academy 10 a Day


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