30 Days of Social Connection | Day 6: Character

by Mindy Lockard on April 6, 2020

Happy DAY SIX of our #30DaysofSocialConnection…









Today’s Power Skill is our Final C of Leadership: CHARACTER

CHARACTER is an important Power Skill for connecting with others. Not only does it help us with our decision making, but it helps other people to know what they can expect from us.

Rather than shooting a video about it, I thought I would share one of my favorite explanations of the important Power Skill… this is a great video for the whole family, so pop some popcorn and get ready to all be inspired. Below you will find our Day Six Power Worksheet to help you explore the skill in your life:

Here’s how we put COURAGE into Practice:

  1. DAY FIVE | CHARACTER Guide Worksheet  
  2. Write our YOUR Power FIVE
  3. Explore how you use this skill at HOME, WORK, SCHOOL and OUT IN THE COMMUNITY
  4. Set a goal for how you can use this skill when we able to emerge from our HOMES. Because we WILL EMERGE from our HOMES! 

Family Dinner Table Talk Questions / Conversation Starters:

  1. How do you define GROWTH mindset?
  2. How do you define FIXED mindset?
  3. What type of mindset do you think you have? Why?
  4. Why is taking a moment to think important to your CHARACTER? 


Looking for an easy way to have your teens feel productive during the day? Here’s our Ten-a-Day sheet that teens can fill out. This chart includes five blank spots that your teen can fill in and five family responsibility “nudges”  pre-written in to help give teens ownership and independence during these days that seem to run together… oy vey!

Printable:  Leadership Academy 10 a Day


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