30 Days of Social Connection | Day FOUR: CARE

by Mindy Lockard on April 3, 2020

Happy DAY FOUR of our #30DaysofSocialConnection…









Today’s Power Skill is our THIRD C of Leadership: Care

Let’s be honest, we can’t truly connect with others without this VERY important Power Skill. It’s one of the most important and fundamental skills we will cover in this series. Today we are going to be talking about ways that we can build our family relationships by extending RANDOM ACTS of CARE to those we are with all day, every day… these days. At the Leadership Academy we talk often about how our Home “Social” Habit aka the way we treat our family, becomes our baseline habit for how we treat others. So my friends, LET the RANDOM ACTS of CARE Begin. (even if you’re not interested in doing our activity for today, you can easily make a list and check off the items as you extend care to your family, pets and even yourself. Have fun!

Here’s how we put CARE into Practice:

  1. FIRST, print our DAY FOUR | Random Act of CARE COLOR WHEEL  Power Skill Day Three Care Color Wheel
  2. Answer the CARE question on Page One
  3. Fill in the wheel on page two with ideas for Random Acts of Care, Color and Cut it out.
  4. Using a brad or a paperclip, attach the wheel to page one
  5. Give it a spin to let the Random Acts of Care Begin!

Family Dinner Table Talk Questions / Conversation Starters:

  1. How can work together to show CARE as a family on a regular basis?
  2. What type of Random Act of Care would you like to receive? 
  3. Share a time when someone in the family surprised you with an act of care that you remember.
  4. Why is caring for yourself an important part of helping you have strong social connections?


Looking for an easy way to have your teens feel productive during the day? Here’s our Ten-a-Day sheet that teens can fill out. This chart includes five blank spots that your teen can fill in and five family responsibility “nudges”  pre-written in to help give teens ownership and independence during these days that seem to run together… oy vey!

Printable:  Leadership Academy 10 a Day



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