30 Day’s of Social Connection | Day ONE: POWER FIVE

by Mindy Lockard on March 31, 2020









Today we’re excited to launch a new series for Teens and Families: #30daysofsocialconnection where every day in the month of April we will focus on ONE Leadership Academy Social Skill. These skills have been proven to help students develop strong interpersonal skills and confidence that transition into pre-professional skills down the road.  So without further ado,  let 30 days of Social Connection or as we say it here at Mindy Lockard Leadership, FUN begin!

Todays skill is what we call POWER FIVE!

Whether it be nerves or lack of confidence sometimes it’s our own self talk that makes for awkward and uncomfortable social situations or even holds us back from engaging at all.  The only way to combate the awkward / fear brought on by self doubt is to find the positive in who YOU are and repeat it OVER and OVER! So today, our Power FIVE exercise is to help you explore what makes you amazing. Because friends, when you believe in yourself, you’ll also believe that YOU are worthy of important and meaninful social interactions.  And studies show that 85% of a person’s future success is directly related to people skills… so your future will thank you!

Here’s how we do it:

  1. FIRST, print our DAY ONE | Power FIVE SHEET
  2. Identify what makes YOU amazing and identify five characteristics!
  3. Think about why the skills are important to you.
  4. Explore when you use these skills.

Table Talk:

This is a great family mealtime discussion! Share your five and ask your family about their Power FIVE. Take time to share and celebrate the amazing ways you are all created.


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