A day in the life of an etiquette consultant… oh the glamour!

by Mindy Lockard on April 28, 2010

Last night I had a program for the Sigma Nu Fraternity to help them get ready for their upcoming Charter Ceremony.  But before I could help them get ready, I had a few things to do… program days always start early. 

As in I’m up with the chickens.  I can say that, because… well… we have them!


Because there is a laundry list of household chores just hanging around just waiting for my attention.


So, I put my assistants to work printing handouts and stuffing dining packets.  The future of Mindy Lockard Etiquette is in good hands!


With the assistants at school, I was off to the gym.  Some people go to the gym to meet guys… I go because it’s a great uninterrupted time to study them.  I do have to be careful as a pen and my poor balance could be a lethal workout combo.  Luckily we, as in me and the two women beside me, all went home unharmed! 


Followed by a trip to my esthetician.  My intern extraordinaire Mason had called the night before to tell me the promo video we were shooting at the program would be in HD.  So I asked for the HD brow wax.  The HD wrinkle remover was tempting, but I’m not quite ready to go there…


After a quick meeting with Kelsey, another intern extextraordinaire, school pick-up, and afternoon errands I was finally off to the program! 45 men, two interns, one videoagrapher, one photographer, one newspaper reporter, and little ole me!  A lot of people in a little room all on their best manners… except for one guy who was too cool for school.  There is always one!

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