A few reminders from a Divinely Mannered Tea

by Mindy Lockard on May 5, 2010

Last Saturday morning I had the pleasure of working with 40 women from Calvary Fellowship at their Divinely Mannered Tea.

Here I am! Seeing my name in print always makes me feel official and not like I’ve accidentally stumbled into a room of women, while carting around a basket of silver and china.


The women who attended were fabulous…


and so were my assistants Kat and Joanna. Do you see them, in the black?  Yes, the ones on the move. This may have been the moment I realized I left my business cards on my desk. At home. Look at how they jumped into action!  Love them.


The women did a fantastic job with the food…


are you hungry yet?


I am.

Not then, at the program. 

But now, at my desk. 



We talked for about an hour about dining manners.  What you eat with your fingers and what you eat with a fork and knife.

Take this for example, what would you eat with your fingers and what with a fork? 

Yes you… with your hand in the air.


Perfect!  Yes, you can eat the strawberries with your fingers because the stem is still on (be careful with the chocolate…if you have concern go with the fork) and the lemon bars with a fork because if we don’t, we may be tempted to do the five finger lick. Smack. Smack. Smack!

Then we talked about the American Style of Dining and its I’m Resting, still eating” position…


and the “I’m finished” positions.


Continental “I’m resting, not yet finished” position…


 Continental finished.


All of the little rules we discussed fell under one big umbrella: the “Why” behind our manners.  In this case, we looked at the fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and self control.  All of these fruits apply in any well mannered case, if you believe in the Bible or not.  All of the beautiful gems make living our lives and living among others a truly beautiful experience! 

These women were on fire for the information!  Since the program I’ve heard from many of them about how they are using the information. How it’s changed their outlook!  And that ladies and gentleman, makes our world of Gracious Living all the while!


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Jonnie Fox Flanagan 03.09.11 at 11:04 am

Very nice Mindy. Enjoyed reading about your dining etiquette day at the Tea. I like your visual of the resting and finished positions on the plate. Did you just color those in magic marker and pass them around? I’m doing a Wine and Dine Etiquette class in May and am always up for creative ideas from other consultants. 🙂 Hope you don’t mind sharing your thoughts or suggestions.

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