A First Day’s Lessons…

by Mindy Lockard on September 10, 2009

Today was our first day of school!  It was very exciting for the girls as Elle started first grade and Maggie took the big step to five days a week at Montessori School.  I couldn’t quite tell if she was ready or excited to be at school…


Our after-school conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Tell me about the new friends in your class?

Maggie: I love my new best friend, the girl in the blue dress!

Me: Did you ask “the girl in the blue dress” her name?

Maggie: Nope. Just girl in the blue dress!

Me: Perhaps tomorrow you should ask her what her name is just in case she chooses to change her clothes.

Maggie: I’m sure she has lots of blue dresses. Sure of it!

This brief conversation lead to a discussion about the art of remembering names.  Here are a few tips we discussed that help remembering names at any age…

1. When you meet new people listen to his or her name! Why? Because it’s very hard to call someone a friend when we only refer to them by color of their clothing.  Knowing names is the first step to showing someone respect and the foundation of any friendship.

2.  Say something with his or her name in it such as, “Do you want to swing Sally?” Repeating his or her name will help your remember it next time.

3. If you forget a friend’s name simply say, “tell me your name again.” The same is true in the grown-up world — just as a child wouldn’t fall all over themselves with “I know we’ve met on the playground many, many times.  I’m so bad with names. I’m so sorry I forgot your name” we need not make a big deal over it as adults.  Simply ask his or her name, listen to what they say, and make the necessary mental notes so you don’t forget a second or third time.

4. If someone forgets your name, have grace with them and introduce yourself by saying your name slowly (practice this with your children).

5. Tell your children on the way to school that they are great at remembering names. Encouraging them will help them feel confident about their name remembering ability.  If you don’t think you are good at remembering names throw a few self encouragements in there too.  Positive self talk helps us positively interact with others. True story!

Wishing you a gracious day!

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Christy Lowry 09.10.09 at 9:06 pm

This is so important Mindy. The best sound to anyone is hearing their own name. My Mom taught me that when calling a customer service line I should always write down the person’s name first and refer to them using their name instead of “Ma’am” or “Sir”. The customer service person then feels like themselves and not just an employee. The same goes for when you go out to dinner and such. Its amazing how your service can improve just by using their name. I love your blog and get inspired daily.

admin 09.11.09 at 5:00 am

Thank you so much Christy! I couldn’t agree with you and your mother more!

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