A Healthy Handshake

by Mindy Lockard on November 16, 2011

I’ve returned from my whirlwind speaking tour: two weeks, six campuses, eight programs and hundreds of bright eyed university students.

One topic we discussed is the importance of a good handshake–most important when we are trying to present a professional personal brand.


No “dead fish” (hand down bent at wrist), watch that “bone crusher” (needs no explanation), and unless your running for office go easy on the “hand sandwich” (cupping your shaking partner’s one hand between your two hands.)

A good handshake is firm, web-to-web, two to three pump and release.

Kind of sounds like a latte order.

Anyway, another important aspect of a good handshake is to make it healthy.




during cold and flu season.


This is where a new hand sanitizer I’ve found comes in. Oh my I LOVE it. It’s sleek, fashionable and doesn’t leave you smelling like a hospital or your hand wet. No one likes a moist — one of my least favorite words — handshake.

And all the ladies said, “amen!”

From students to faculty I’ve shared this product and the feedback has been fantastic. I think you’ll love it too.

But wait there’s more and it only gets better…

eve echo was created by a woman, Eve Friedman, to help other women. In their words…

“eve echo, inc. is a San Francisco beauty company dedicated to creating unique, luxury products. Headed by successful business executive Eve Friedman, eve echo’s net profits from all sales go to help women around the world aspire to financial independence. Through sales of the eve echo collection, we are able to invest all of our net profits into FINCA, which offers loans at a nominal interest rate to woman living in challenged economies. After a year, original loans are returned to eve echo and the cycle starts over again, allowing us to lend larger amounts of capital to organizations that focus on bringing social empowerment to women, advancing us closer to our mission: Eliminate gender inequality and free women from oppression.”

How cool is that? So ladies, by adding a little eve echo to our hand bags (or to our friends’ handbags as it’s a perfect holiday gift) we are lending a hand to help women change not only their lives, but their legacies.

I just got goosebumps.

For more from eve echo, visit them here…

Oh and if you’re wondering if they’ve paid me to say this, the answer is, not a dime! I just love it! Happy Handshaking.

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