Bedtime Book Review: “Why Do You Always Have to Say Please?”

by Mindy Lockard on June 7, 2009


Bedtime Book Review is quick and fun look at children’s etiquette books and reviewed by the intended audience… children.  It wasn’t hard–a trip to the playroom–to find a couple of participants who were more than willing to snuggle (or ‘nuggle’ as Maggie says) up with mom for a bedtime read and review.


I think we’ve all experienced it…the desire to flee the scene of the crime with the hopes that nobody in the restaurant will associate us with our criminal children.  You know the times when they’ve all but violated every rule in Emily Post by playing hard to get under the table, treating their chair as a pogo stick and using their meal to finger paint all over the table.  Even etiquette consultants aren’t immune to the occasional family night restaurant fiasco.

I’m always looking for resources to help my family and my clients’ families prepare for dinners out. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I stumbled on this book and could hardly wait for the opportunity to see what Elle and Maggie would think at our Bedtime Book Review.

Here are our thoughts…

elle2Elle’s (six) Review
I liked it because it didn’t just tell you to sit on your bottom. It told you to not spit your food out, to not make someone laugh when they are drinking and to not say something someone else is eating looks gross. I would suggest it to my friends to help them at restaurants.  I also really liked the fancy car in the pictures.

maggie-ii1Maggie’s (three) Review
I likeded it.  I thought it was not bad; I thought it was good.  I feel it teaches good manners. I learned to not throw my food. I learnded I need to sit on my bottom so I won’t bother people. I liked the pictures and not throwing food. I loved that book! I don’t have any more to say…

mindyMindy’s (dare I say?!) Review
I love this book.  As an etiquette consultant I hold a very high standard for childrens’ manners books especially those I choose to read to my children.  I love books that make manners fun to learn and have accurate information. This book has both: funny rhyming verses and it accuratly covers nearly every dining out situation our family has encountered. I will use this book for a quick fun reminder before our next dinner out!

All-in-all it gets three thumbs up!  Pick-up your own copy here.

Question: Do you have a special trick to enjoying the food and company when dining out with your family?  Drop us a note in the comment section.  We love to hear from you…

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