Breaking the rules…

by Mindy Lockard on August 2, 2009

This may come as a surprise (or not) that I am a rule follower.  Oh yes, it’s true; I do love good guidelines and use them in my parenting,  social life and business.  However, sometimes the best memories are made when we set ourselves free to break a rule or two, and that is exactly  what we did when my little family of four visited my side of the family in Portland over the weekend…


We got our groove on under the stars at Riverfront Park in Portland while listening to a college friend’s funk band. Did I mention it was 10:30 pm (well past Elle & Maggie’s bedtimes) and that we fed them elephant ears and cotton candy at 9:30. They did assure us the cotton candy was organic?. Phew!


Went for an early morning lakeside run sans a plan, directions or predetermined route. Sometimes it’s nice to just go where the path leads, even if you have to back track a bit.


We also threw caution to the wind and sang Happy Birthday to my brother at the top of our lungs at his thirtieth birthday bash…


and played in a public fountain with our clothes on!

Breaking a few rules now and then reminds us to not take life too serious and allows for memories to be made.  I will be writing our weekend thank-yous first thing this morning as those are not gracious living guidelines to be broken…bedtime in the summer is another story!

Wishing you a gracious week ahead of living life to the fullest!

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Tina 08.03.09 at 6:56 am

Sounds like you were enjoying your everyday life! Way to “break the rules!”

isaac 08.03.09 at 10:41 am

Glad you had fun. The fewer rules you have, the fewer there are to break. Kids need sugar. Lots of sugar. Makes ’em sweet.

Scott 08.03.09 at 12:37 pm

Great post Mindy! 🙂 Rules are good things to follow but you definitely gotta let loose and have fun! 🙂

Shani 08.04.09 at 10:03 am

It sounds like you had so much fun! I need to follow your example. I turn into a nervous wreck when we go off of our daily schedule at home (especially when it comes to Jr.). Well, not just at home, on vacation, too, if Jr. is with us. Fourth of July we were at our club and he and all of the other toddlers were on the dance floor until 10pm. That was a BIG deal! LOL!

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