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Horsing Around!

by Mindy Lockard on June 2, 2010

Back at the ranch, we did a little horsing around.  Which our little cowgirls loved… did I say loved?  I mean LOVED! So in the spirit of the ranch we made these fun stick ponies as a birthday activity for Elle’s birthday.  To be honest I wasn’t sure how they were going to go.  But […]


Picture Perfect

by Mindy Lockard on April 26, 2010

I have lived in my house for 10 years.  10 years and I haven’t hung one photo on our walls.  10 years, of being afraid of putting a hole in a new, or what later became a not so new paint job.  It may also have something to do with past “hammer attempts” and my stud finding instincts. Not to be confused […]


10 years of home projects in 3 days…

by Mindy Lockard on April 22, 2010

When the newspaper called to ask if they could come by our house to snap a few shots for a story they are doing on me and manners I said, “Perfect!  I’m excited!” … and then I looked around my living room / office and every undone project from over the past 10 years of living in […]


DIY: Blown Eggs

by Mindy Lockard on March 30, 2010

E is for… “E”aster, “E”lle  and another one of my favorites, “E”tiquette!  But in this case, it’s all about the “E”gg! Lately I’ve been on a quest to find a way to blow out the inside of an egg without actually blowing.  If you’ve ever attempted to make blown eggs, you know that  it’s just an […]


Taking our relationship to the next level!

by Mindy Lockard on March 16, 2010

So, I think it’s time we move our relationship to the next level.  Since we’ve been together for some time now, I feel I can now be completely open about a fetish of mine… and I’m leaving town for ten days also making it easy to be totally honest. So, back to my fetish.  Okay. Are you ready?  […]