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Gracious Mentions

Save the R.s.v.p!

by Mindy Lockard on January 19, 2011

Have you seen the winter issue of … If you haven’t it’s a very fun issue full of eye candy, also in this issue is our regular column “What’s Write?” In this issue, we’re talking about and how to save this endangered specie, or should I say “speechy.” Okay, that was a long shot. […]

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Gracious Living in Print

by Mindy Lockard on May 5, 2010

Our local newspaper has been running a teaser add for the May’s issue of Dash Magazine… Teaser for some, butterflies for others.  Yes, this is the article that inspired this.  Anyway, I’m sure you can only imagine how quickly I lept (graceful as a gazelle I’m sure) from my bed at 4:30 this morning when I heard our newspaper carrier drive […]


10 years of home projects in 3 days…

by Mindy Lockard on April 22, 2010

When the newspaper called to ask if they could come by our house to snap a few shots for a story they are doing on me and manners I said, “Perfect!  I’m excited!” … and then I looked around my living room / office and every undone project from over the past 10 years of living in […]


A tale of friendship… of the twitter kind!

by Mindy Lockard on February 21, 2010

Saturday night I received an award from my alma mater, Northwest Christian University.  It was a very humbling night.  A few of my  family members were able join me for the awards gala: my mother Sue, her partner Ron, Sister Becky, Ty’s mother, my very supportive husband Ty and our six year old daughter Elle. Maggie and I both know her limits, at this time in her four year […]


Details from Friday’s CASA fundraiser!

by Mindy Lockard on February 7, 2010

If I were to sum up Friday night’s CASA event in three words and one sentence it would be… Ahhh  mAAAA   zing! I’m an etiquette consultant not the grammar police, so I’m going  to take some creative liberty on that one. As I promised, here are a few details from the night. First up, my tear-free speech. The night […]