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Take to the Table Tuesday: Grilling adds Pizzazz to Pizza

by Mindy Lockard on August 25, 2009

Never underestimate the power of dining together. Our dining table is the practice ground for good table manners and a place where we connect with our friends and family. Homemade pizza is one of our family favorites.  It’s perfect for a quiet family dinner and entertaining a large group.  During the summer we love to […]


Can you say… Y.U.M.M-O?

by Mindy Lockard on July 1, 2009

Dear Jell-O or Dear Mr. Cosby…I can’t remember exactly how I opened my letter to the Jell-O company, the summer between my third and fourth-grade year, asking them to make a banana and chocolate pudding pops.  I have always been intrigued by food combinations and was surprised that they didn’t carry this flavor combination at […]


It’s called…Mustard Sauce!

by Mindy Lockard on June 29, 2009

With the 4th of July weekend of burgers and hot dogs ahead, Elle is here to share her special Mustard Sauce. In all honesty, the inspiration for this video came during one of those long summer afternoons when we were looking for a little activity; the girls love to pretend ‘cooking show’ and as always […]


Q & A Wednesday: The invite says wear a costume…

by Mindy Lockard on June 3, 2009

Question: The invite reads wear a costume and I’m not comfortable dressing-up. Must I? Answer: Anytime we receive an invite it’s best to be gracious and abide by the requests made of the host or hostess no matter how we feel about the details listed on an invitation such as:  no gifts, the time, who […]


Q&A Wednesday: What are some etiquettes for #NSS?

by Mindy Lockard on May 12, 2009

The smell of correspondence (my favorite fragrance of all) permeates through the air, aisle after aisle of eye candy and the best and the brightest in the stationery business are all under one roof, this is The National Stationery Show. The timing was not right for us to attend this year (tissue, please) and I […]

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