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Gracious Living Vlogs

Who doesn’t love giving goodies for gifts? Recently I stumbled across this company and they shared some of their goodies with me… you’ll think you’ve died and gone to goodie heaven. Perfect for the holidays! You can find them on line at Goodies for Gifts! But before you go, drop a note below and tell […]


Tailgate Etiquette

by Mindy Lockard on October 12, 2011

Football anyone? Since marrying Ty nearly 14 years ago, I’ve learned to make football season fun by making it one big party!  So let’s talk about this party, especially the ones that are set in a parking lot aka tailgating. Manners aren’t just something we turn off on Saturday and back on just in time for […]


Back-to-School Supplies for Mom

by Mindy Lockard on September 26, 2011

So often back to school means a new routine and a lot of paperwork for moms. Routines and paper that can be very overwelming. Nothing that a few back-to-school supplies for mom can cure… Check out my latest segement on More Good Day Oregon for a few tools to help keep mom organized and well […]


Take to the Table Tuesday: Cafeteria Tables and Sack Lunches

by Mindy Lockard on September 5, 2011

Mothers experience a multitude of embarrassing moments; one of the worst can be when our children declare their distaste for dinner in front of friends and family! To keep these moments from happening—or at least happening less—we can help our little ones turn their own food leaf and expand their culinary confidence. Here are a […]


Fair and Festival Etiquette

by Mindy Lockard on August 10, 2011

A moment of truth, I’m not a huge “fair” girl. I know… wet blanket. What can I say, I have a few control issues that are challenged by rides put up overnight, aisles of dust and fried food topped with too much ketchup. Anyway, for the sake of my children I had to let it […]