Charm School: How to ‘Graciously’ Eat a Doughnut

by Mindy Lockard on June 7, 2013

While manners are important, we don’t need to over think how we eat certain foods. For example, the doughnut.


Afterall, and as you might remember from my earlier post, today is June 7th 2013 is National Doughnut Day.

First, put away your knife and fork (silly) and grab a napkin. Paper is fine.


Take a bite.


Should any doughnut linger, use your napkin to wipe your fingers and the corners of your mouth.


Going easy on licking frosting off your fingers or snatching up leftover crumbs with your tongue. And by “going easy” I mean, please don’t.


And should you be tempted to close your eyes in enjoyment. It’s fine. Just keep it brief and limit sound effects.

While you might be savoring your doughnut, those around you might suggest you and your doughnut lover…

get a room.

Happy Doughnut Day! May your doughnuts be sweet and your manners even sweeter!

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Mindy Lockard 06.01.13 at 6:02 am

Thank you, Kate! This is why we get along so well. Our love of etiquette and doughnuts.

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