Day 10: Advent Hope

by Mindy Lockard on December 20, 2009


When we have hope we believe that good things will happen.  Our hope in the Lord is not a Hope with a question mark, but hope with an exclamation point!


LIGHT FOUR CANDLES as everyone says together:

Jesus said, “I am the light of the word whoever follows me will have the light of life and will never walk in darkness.”


What does the fourth candle symbolize?


The first candle reminds us of the promise of the prophets that a Messiah would come.

The second candle reminds us of the waiting for the Messiah.

The third candle reminds us that Christ is the Prince of peace

The fourth candle reminds us of the hope we find in Christ

READ ALOUD: Luke 1:31-33


Dear God, no longer will we feel discouraged or defeated, for you have given us hope in Jesus Christ. We will call on the Lord to give us strength, vision, and the ability to bring about change in our world, as well as ourselves. We pray that we will always be ready to receive Christ and respond to the gift of his love. Amen


Sovereign Lord, I put my hope in you; I have trusted you since I was young. I have relied on you all my life; You have protected me since the day I was born. I will always praise you. (Psalm 71:5-6)


What does Hope feel like to you?

What is the opposite of Hope?

Why is Hope good?

What would life be like without Hope?

During the next week, read Luke 1:26-56

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