Details from Friday’s CASA fundraiser!

by Mindy Lockard on February 7, 2010

If I were to sum up Friday night’s CASA event in three words and one sentence it would be…

Ahhh  mAAAA   zing!

I’m an etiquette consultant not the grammar police, so I’m going  to take some creative liberty on that one.

As I promised, here are a few details from the night.

First up, my tear-free speech.

The night became much busier than I expected, so there are fewer pictures that I anticipated. It felt a little like my wedding reception, only I managed to eat–a little of everything.  Lucky for me, and everyone else, I didn’t bust a seam. A busted seam, along with hanging thread is always possible when you are your own seamstress. To be on the safe side, I packed light, but a lady is always prepared.


A quick shot of the room as the dealers were getting ready.


My darling stud of an honorary co-host for the evening.

Yes, it’s true.  After the party we went back to his place…


My very dear friend, CASA supporter, and my number one hanging thread watcher Liesel!


For those who asked.  Here are a few close-ups of the dress.  I’m so sorry there aren’t more.  I meant to have a few taken but the evening got away from me.


The shoulder embellishments are from frayed edge scraps.  I like how the frayed and raw edge made the flower-inspired design feel a little, well, edgy.  The jewels are from one of my favorite necklaces that a darling daughter got her hands on and burst into pieces. Oh chunky, non-pearl necklace how I’ve missed you… To spice up the waist, I added some more handwork of tucking and folding (not an official sewing term) scrap fabric that went all of the way around the dress. Pictures of the dress’s “thorn in my designer side” skirt are MIA (sorry). I’m hoping you will be able to picture it if I say it was a simple A-line to the knee. I promise to be better next time. Based on the amount of money I’ve spent on fabric lately… there will be a next time.

There you have it ladies and gentleman, an amazing night for one important cause!

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Debbie @The Hip Hostess 02.08.10 at 7:59 am

Mindy, you look so simply chic! I am so impressed with your designing skills, it’s utterly incredible what you did with basic black. I love the detail at the waist, and the frayed flowers are just the right touch. Didn’t you feel such a sense of accomplishment wearing your own creation? You certainly did sparkle & shine, both inside & out!

Mindy Lockard 02.08.10 at 8:04 am

Hi, Debbie, I did feel a sense of accomplishment. Design is very close to my soul, so I was a little nervous and felt a tad exposed. I didn’t really tell anyone that I designed/made it. My sweet friend Liesel on the other hand, did. did. That’s what friends are for. Thank you for your sweet words and cheering me on through the whole process! I hope all goes well with your little sewing project too! Best, Mindy

Lady 02.08.10 at 10:38 am

I agree super chic’!! Congratulations on your success !! What else screams ideal homemaker than creating a one of kind design! Hooray for you taking this on and succeeding so beautifully!

Mindy Lockard 02.08.10 at 11:05 am

Thank you, Lady! Your support last week meant so much to me. Always a pleasure.

Gigi Belmonico 02.08.10 at 1:57 pm

Mindy~you lovely, gracious Bombshell you!! WOW. Not only did you create a beautiful dress to wear, you did an amazing job of hosting this CASA event with your sweetie!! Thank you SO much for making this world a better place. Thank you. XOXO Gigi Belmonico

Hollie 02.08.10 at 4:18 pm

Lovely. Simply Lovely!

Mindy Lockard 02.08.10 at 6:27 pm

Thank you everyone! Your kind words have made my day.

Elizabeth Howard 02.09.10 at 9:33 am

Love the speech! Love the dress! What a fab job you did with all of it. You should be very proud. Keep up the good work & keep sharing it with all of us!

Liesel 02.09.10 at 5:21 pm

Great night! Fantastic speech. Stunning dress. Weird look on my face in that picture…sort-of like someone is pulling my eyelid up by a string. Or maybe I was just a little too giddy at that point. 🙂 Love you Min!

Mindy Lockard 02.09.10 at 5:56 pm

Liesel, You are beutiful! Thank you for being such an amazing friend!

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