Family #RoadTrip Tips

by Mindy Lockard on March 13, 2014

It’s that time friends, time for Spring Break.

When many will hit the open road in pursuit of sunshine and relaxation.

Our family loves taking road trips. And while many people groan when I tell them this, there are so many gracious skills that can be taught and refined while sitting inches away from a sibling, for hours and hours. Road trips teach patience, how to get along with others in a close environment and choosing words wisely.

So today Elle, Maggie and I visit King 5 New Day Northwest in Seattle to share our favorite DIY tips for gracious Spring Break Travel.

Travel Tote

When traveling sometimes it’s hard to limit what our darling children bring along. If it were up to Maggie she would hitch our entire house to our car and bring it on vacation with us. So keep the “stuff” manageable, it’s helpful for us to limit and organize what we bring.



  • Canvas tote from Michaels Craft Store
  • Fabric Pens


  • Draw your travel inspirations
  • Pack the bag. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t travel

Travel Journals

While we love social media for day-to-day there is something to be said for memories stored on paper. Pen to paper. We love these travel journals and look forward to showing how to personalize them just for you and your memories.



  • journals or sketch book
  • craft paper
  • ribbon
  • stickers
  • modge podge
  • sponge brush


  • Find 6 to 7 small sheets of paper and rip them into various shapes. But that will cover the cover of a journal.
  • Lay the paper out
  • Glue the backside and wrap it around the edges of the cover.
  • Add stickers, quotes or other accessories.
  • Once the entire cover is covered.
  • Apply Modge Podge and let dry.

#RoadTrip Bingo

The key to good road trip behavior is a fun incentive plan. For us it looks a lot like BINGO, kindness BINGO.




Wrap gifts

Put the gifts in the goodie bin (you can also put them in unwrapped)

Print #RoadTrip BINGO

During each leg set a kindness Challenge: Being Kind to Space, Kind with Words and Random Act of Kindness. Each time we stop we look for ways that the girls have achieved this and give them stickers. If they have, they will complete a row. The rules are you can only get one space (not cover all Random Acts of Kindness at once) per act and a maximum of three per leg. When you stop to stretch your legs, get gas or grab a bite to eat, evaluate the bingo cards. Those who have made a BINGO get to visit the goodie basket. Those who have not, get yet another chance on the next leg of the trip!


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