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We are back for day two of our Gracious Giveaway: Resolution Series! Whether your resolutions are off to a swimming start with your fitness goals or you have yet to pick-up that book you have planned to read, it’s never to early or late to resolve to be more gracious in 2013! I am so excited […]


Take to the Table Tuesday: Summer Smoothie

by Mindy Lockard on August 31, 2009

This week’s Take to the Table Tuesday is all about celebrating culinary creativity. When our children take part in the cooking/creating process they not only feel ownership, they are willing to try new things. Here is Elle’s Summer Smoothie recipe that Nana helped her write out. We would love to hear about your creative culinary […]


Take to the Table Tuesday: For the Love of Berries

by Mindy Lockard on August 18, 2009

The talk of our table this summer has been berries! Oh, berries how I  love you, let me count the ways! I love… the look on Elle and Maggie’s faces when they stumble out of bed to find a bowl full of these waiting for them on the breakfast table. I love… to pair a […]


Taking to the Table Tuesday: Loco for Fish Tacos!

by Mindy Lockard on August 3, 2009

With all of the Northwest heat I must admit our family dinners have been few and far between. Eating as a family is very important to me as a mother and etiquette professional.  Our table is the practice ground for good table manners and a place where we connect as a family! Now that it […]


Breaking the rules…

by Mindy Lockard on August 2, 2009

This may come as a surprise (or not) that I am a rule follower.  Oh yes, it’s true; I do love good guidelines and use them in my parenting,  social life and business.  However, sometimes the best memories are made when we set ourselves free to break a rule or two, and that is exactly […]