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A pen company and a spice cake? Seems like an unlikely duo, no? That’s right! Back in 1959, Sheaffer Pen featured this spicy recipe in their October issue of the Sheaffer Review. While the Love-Apple spice cake doesn’t contain any apple, it does have one rather interesting ingredient… tomato soup? But please my gracious friends, […]


It’s hard to believe that it’s already day 8. It’s true what they say, time does fly when you’re having fun! I recently had great feedback from a reader: “I loved your card post, but I have to admit, it did overwhelm me a bit.” While I had hoped our #HolidayPrep series would be helpful, […]


{Day 7} 12 Days of #HolidayPrep | Hostess Gift Pantry

by Mindy Lockard on November 17, 2013

This last weekend I had the pleasure of speaking about A Spirit of Gratitude at Grace Community Church for a brunch of over two hundred wonderful women.  I was so blessed by these women and their hearts for Gracious Living. After the program, I had many women ask for step-by-step guides to some of my […]


{Day 4} 12 Days of Holiday Prep | Tips for Tipping

by Mindy Lockard on November 12, 2013

Now is the perfect time to start planning for Holiday tipping. A time when we give a little something to those who serve us on a regular basis.  People such as our hairdresser, housekeeper, gardener, mail carrier and garbage collector to name a few. After all, where would we be without our garbage collector? Yeah, […]


Charm School: How to ‘Graciously’ Eat a Doughnut

by Mindy Lockard on June 7, 2013

While manners are important, we don’t need to over think how we eat certain foods. For example, the doughnut. Afterall, and as you might remember from my earlier post, today is June 7th 2013 is National Doughnut Day. First, put away your knife and fork (silly) and grab a napkin. Paper is fine. Take a […]

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