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{Day 10} 12 Days #HolidayPrep | Stepping Out in Style

by Mindy Lockard on November 24, 2013

Happy Monday! We are back today with our 12 Days of #HolidayPrep and today, day 1o, we are talking holiday party fashion. I was recently quoted in the December issue of Real Simple, talking about what to wear… and while what we wear is important, there are a few other accessories that I feel are […]


Fashion and Family Tradition

by Mindy Lockard on September 13, 2012

I’m sure this will not come as a surprise to you, I am a traditionalist. Shocker, I know. This love of tradition is often expressed in my fashion style. From vintage handbags and scarves to pieces that have been passed down–some costume, some valuable–in my family, I love adding a little old to my every […]


Happy Monday Gracious Girls! Happy week two (7/9, 7/16 & 7/23) of our Favorite Pen Giveaway! Which reminds me, it’s time to annouce our first lucky winner… drumroll please! @Kourtney at @thequeenskourt But never fear my Gracious friends the giveways aren’t over! Here’s how you can enter to win this week’s Sheaffer® Prelude® Mini: A […]


My Favorite Pen Giveaway!

by Mindy Lockard on July 8, 2012

Happy Monday Gracious Girls! I’m so excited for today, because today we are kicking-off the first week of my three week (7/9, 7/16 & 7/23) Favorite Pen Giveaway!  What’s my favorite pen? Ring any bells? Here’s how you can enter to win your very own Sheaffer® Prelude® Mini: Drop a note below and tell me your […]


A tale of friendship… of the twitter kind!

by Mindy Lockard on February 21, 2010

Saturday night I received an award from my alma mater, Northwest Christian University.  It was a very humbling night.  A few of my  family members were able join me for the awards gala: my mother Sue, her partner Ron, Sister Becky, Ty’s mother, my very supportive husband Ty and our six year old daughter Elle. Maggie and I both know her limits, at this time in her four year […]