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National Doughnut Day

Charm School: How to ‘Graciously’ Eat a Doughnut

by Mindy Lockard on June 7, 2013

While manners are important, we don’t need to over think how we eat certain foods. For example, the doughnut. Afterall, and as you might remember from my earlier post, today is June 7th 2013 is National Doughnut Day. First, put away your knife and fork (silly) and grab a napkin. Paper is fine. Take a […]

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Okay ladies I have a couple of favorite days of the year. Christmas Easter Thanksgiving my birthday my children’s birthdays my husband’s birthday AND… national doughnut day. Did I say the last one out loud? I guess I did. In case you’re wondering and love doughnuts as much as I do… National Doughnut Day is just […]