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by Mindy Lockard on July 1, 2018

Here’s how it works! I sent my girls to the store with a goal of spending $40.00 and the quest to buy ingredients for 3 healthy dinners. YES, you read it correctly, 3 family dinners for $40.00 dollars. Could they do it?

Step 1: Identify three meals that could share ingredients.

Elle came up with: Antipasta Salad, Pizza & Family Style Dinner Platter

Each of these planned meals could borrow ingredients from each other such as meat from the Pizza which could also be used in the Dinner Platter.

Step: 2 For each of the meals the girls made a list of ingredients and wrote it out on their phones to make sure they were not forgetting any.

Step 3:  Sending the girls into the store by themselves, they picked up the ingredients the needed!

Step 4: Making sure they didn’t go over their maximum, they added up all the ingredients on their phone calculators.

Step 5: Go home and start cooking!  The final products are pictured below starting with the Dinner Platter and next the delicious Pizza!  Who know you could have such amazing for under 40$?




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