Girl Friday: Tightening the purse strings Part II

by Mindy Lockard on May 29, 2009

As’s intern Girl Friday etiquettes tackle the wonderful world of college life from living among housemates to preparing for the all important interview.   We invite you to follow her journey as she embraces a life of gracious living one Friday at a time! 


They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  When it comes to making the most of a budget, I’ve learned from the best!  I was raised by a mother who is savvy in her savings and gracious with her methods.

As a college student those lessons have proven to be most helpful as I try to be mindful with my money and live within my means.  Money-saving times, call for money-saving measures and I’ve always been a girl with a plan – a characteristic that comes in quite handy when trying to do a lot with a little.

Here’s my own savvy saving system

1. I begin my week by collecting coupons from my local newspaper, and favorite money-saving websites.  Coupons that catch my eye and the blade of my scissors are those related to favorite foods, cleaning supplies and personal care.  Ladies, let’s face it we all love having an array of personal care products at our fingertips but these products tend to be the most expensive and can really drain a budget, fast.

2. After I’ve compiled a mountain (and I do mean mountain) of coupons, I sort them by category. One pile is usually a bit larger than the other – don’t worry Mom, I am working on the ratio of food to beauty!   

3. Next I file the coupons away into my handy dandy coupon binder.  A coupon binder is a great way to store, organize and most importantly find your coupons.  I find it helpful to sort by two categories: product and store.

4. Every Tuesday before we hit the money-saving road, my friends and I make a list of our must-haves and wants.  We then go through the file and compare the coupons to our list — sometimes we add items and sometimes we take away.  Having the coupons organized by store and item makes for a smooth check-out process and reduces the evil stares from other customers in line…trust me, I’ve learned the hard way!

This savvy saving system has not only made a difference in my pocket book but the way I think about what I’m buying.  I’m so thankful my mother taught me the value of savings and the importance of developing systems.  I’m not sure what I love more, the savings or the system… sigh!

Check out my favorite sites and join me on the mission to savvy savings!

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