Girl Friday: Tightening the Purse Strings Part I

by Mindy Lockard on May 21, 2009

As’s intern Girl Friday etiquettes tackle the wonderful world of college life from living among housemates to preparing for the all important interview.   We invite you to follow her journey as she embraces a life of gracious living one Friday at a time! 

tightening the purse strings

For those of us who live on a college budget shopping for toiletries, food and clothing can be rather difficult. The past few weeks my girlfriends and I have decided to embrace our budgets (or lack there of) and attempt to become a coupon connoisseurs.   

It has become our tradition to venture out every Tuesday night, cash-in on our coupons, and buy the weekly essentials. Our coupon cutting focus is aimed at specific ads featured in each week’s newspaper.  Like clockwork every week we forage into each store with a specific mission. This week our mission consisted of late night study snacks, toothpaste, shampoo  and Advil. This past Tuesday’s excursion was most entertaining as my girls and I eagerly made our way through the traffic, aggressive shoppers and the dreaded handing over of the clippings. The look on the checker’s face when I handed him a heaping pile of coupons was anything but amused, but our cheerful banter and jaw-dropping savings quickly won him over – the candy-bar we treated him to as a thank you for his trouble probably helped too.  Living frugally can be hard, even downright painful. However, when we make a concerted effort to save it allows a little room for a few gracious living splurges here and there… like treating a friend to a cup of coffee.

Here is this weeks list and our amazing savings – if I do say so myself!

2 boxes of Ritz crackers

1box of Wheat Thins

1 box of Advil

11 candy bars (to share with housemates and one for the checker)

1 Nabisco 100 Calorie pack

2 bottles of shampoo

1 bottle of tanning lotion

Total paid+=$7.53

Total savings=$40.00

I’m looking forward next week when I will share my savvy coupon organizational system that makes the collection process easy and fun.  Mom, I hope you will tune in next Friday as it will make you proud!

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