Gracious Living Series: Teaching Taste

by Mindy Lockard on July 12, 2009

Woman reading a story to her little boy

Day One: Series Introduction

“Along with the stimulus of good talk, of the education that comes almost unconsciously from casual discussion of books read, from gradual knowledge of music heard as part of daily life, there is also the great values of surrounding a child with objects of beauty which almost imperceptibly help to form taste.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

This quote has been on the forefront of my mind as I wade trough the waters of motherhood. I believe exposure to beauty and a taste for life are two of the greatest gifts we can give our children.  The beauty in “tastes” is that some are innate and some are learned.  Tapping into a child’s taste or helping expand their palate is a gateway to their soul; once we’ve been there, we connect with them on a much deeper level!

This is not to say that this journey of discovery and surrounding our children with beauty is easy – especially when there are mouths to be fed, clothes to be washed, and errands to be run.  However, as parents if we make the effort to expose our children little by little to beauty that inspires them and appreciation for life that inspires others, we help prepare them for a lifetime of healthy social encounters!  I can honestly say that in my line of work, I’ve seen an enhanced self esteem with those exposed to beauty and a connection to taste.

So where to begin?  In my life there have been four beauties that have inspired my quest for taste: fashion, art, food and music. I have had a love affair with each of the areas since childhood and aside from our spiritual belief they are the fiber of our home today.  I desire to pass these beauties on to my children and in that effort sought the wisdom of talented artists in each of the four areas.  This week these fabulous friends will be stopping by the blog to share their insights and inspirations with us! I am truly honored to host such a brilliant group of people who inspire me personally and professionally! I invite you to join me on our week long series Teaching Taste: Inspiring our children to expand their palate for life!

Our gracious guest are:

Tuesday: Marialexandra, Miami/N.Y.C. Fashion Designer

Wednesday: Patricia van Essche (pve), Gifted Illustrator

Thursday: Poala Petrella, Celebrity Chef

Friday: Erik Martin, Agent for Opus 3 Artists in Manhattan

Two thoughts before we get started.  One, it is never to early or late to start!  Two, exposure to beauty and an introduction to taste is not limited to socio-economic standing.  There are simple ways to expose children to beauty without breaking the bank on admission and expensive extra curricular programs.  As we discuss in our current issue of “A Perfectly Planned Summer” summertime is the perfect time to take advantage of free outdoor art exhibits, shows and festivals.

I am looking forward to a taste of beautiful living this week. Aren’t you?

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Teaching Taste: Fashion
07.13.09 at 7:58 pm

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pve 07.13.09 at 5:41 pm

Gracious living is truly an art, the wedding that I illustrated at last weekend was a perfect display of hosts with an open heart and a generous spirit with incredible taste. Sharing and graciousness seem to go hand in hand. One can always find ways to share an open heart with a smile, a kind word or perhaps a bit of bread. I am looking forward to you sharing such beautiful living this week and I am honored to be a part of this series. Thank-you!

admin 07.13.09 at 6:54 pm

The honor is truly mine! I love your work, if there is an artist’s eye that captures gracious living with their brush it is certainly you. I look forward to sharing your work and words this week. Thank you for saying, “yes!”

Jennifer 07.13.09 at 8:31 pm

What a fun week you have planned – I am looking forward to it! I just started reading “You Learn by Living” by Eleanor Roosevelt after seeing your recommendation in a recent issue of Manner of the Month. My favorite quote so far is about answering your child’s questions as they come up. Ms. Roosevelt says, “If the child’s curiosity is not fed, if his questions are not answered, he will stop asking questions…They (curiosity and interest) provide the zest that makes it possible to meet any situation as an adventure.”

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