Gracious Resolution Giveaway Day 2: Make Manners Fun for my Child/Children

by Mindy Lockard on January 15, 2013

We are back for day two of our Gracious Giveaway: Resolution Series!

Whether your resolutions are off to a swimming start with your fitness goals or you have yet to pick-up that book you have planned to read, it’s never to early or late to resolve to be more gracious in 2013! I am so excited to announce this week’s edition of Gracious Giveaways: New Years Resolution series. From new resolutions or goals you’ve already set, we will be here all week with wonderful tools to help inspire or jumpstart your 2013 and make things happen!

Speaking of game…

Resolution: Make Manners Fun for my Child/Children


Kindness Kingdom is fun and easy to play – and the rules sheet also provides ideas to change the game up depending on who is playing – like adding acting out the questions for the older players, skipping faux pas cards for younger players, and more ideas in between.


Players travel along the jeweled path (by picking from the colorful R.S.V.P space cards), making their way to Queen Grace’s tea party. Along the way, they answer funny and informative manners and etiquette questions at each of the eight neighborhoods in Kindness Kingdom.


With every correct answer, players are awarded charms for their charm bracelet boards. Tea Party and Faux Pas spaces provide additional questions. The Tea Party spaces and the Baby Daisy Fairy spaces provide additional opportunities to win charms.  Watch out for the characters hanging around the slippery slopes of bad manners.


They will make you fall behind and be late for the tea party. But don’t worry, if you pick a Baby Daisy card you can fly forward to the next fairy space on the pathway to make up lost ground. Fill up your charm bracelet board and be the first one to walk through The Golden Gate of The Golden Rule at Queen Grace’s tea party!


We love this game and always learn a new manner or two… and it’s not just for girls!  My nephews have been known to take a spin in Kindness Kingdom, and while we down-play the charms, they always come away having learned how to be a bit more kind.

To Enter our Gracious Resolution Giveaway:

1. Share this link on twitter tagging @TheGraciousGirl

2. Drop a comment below and tell us what manners you are working on at home with your children in 2013

3. Do both and enter twice

It’s that easy!

One lucky winner will be announced January 21st right here on The Gracious Girl Blog! Happy Entering Gracious Girls… and guys!

If you love this Kindness Kingdom Board Game, you will love their site!

Missed  yesterday’s Gracious New Year Giveaway? It’s not too late to enter here…

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Kristine 01.15.13 at 7:00 am

I have 9-year old twins and we are currently working on having our son hold doors open for his sister and she in turn is learning to say thank you! They are always so polite to strangers, but not each other. My resolution this year is to teach them that kindness starts at home.

Liz Copeland 01.15.13 at 11:39 am

We are working on greeting people right now. My little one is 4 and can be quite shy, so we are working on saying hello as we’ll as the please and thank you’s

Mindy Lockard 01.15.13 at 12:29 pm

Greetings Liz and Kristine, I love what you are both working on. Keep up the great work and thank you for entering our giveaway.

Hollie 01.15.13 at 8:18 pm

We are working on smiling and saying “nice to meet you” when meeting someone. Also, along with that comes a firm handshake and looking the person in the eye.

Thea 01.17.13 at 7:49 am

Love this! We are working on nice ways to say things. Our 2.5 year old is pretty spot on with “Please” and “Thank You” and is just getting to a place where we can ask “Can you think of a nicer way to say that?” with positive results.

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