{Day 1} 12 Days of Holiday Prep | Simple Steps to Holiday Cards

by Mindy Lockard on November 4, 2013

Today we kick off a new series 12 Days of Holiday Prep! In the coming weeks {Monday – Wednesday} leading up to Thanksgiving, I will be sharing 12 of my favorite Holiday Prep tricks! Simply put, these are quick and easy solutions to getting your holidays off on a gracious foot. And, I am so excited to kick-off day one with one of my favorite topics! Enjoy.


Okay friends, the holidays are just around the corner… No, Iʼm not trying to scare you — that would be more appropriate to Halloween. But before we know it, we will be singing fa la la la la la!

Based on a personal policy, however, I save all Christmas song-singing until the day after Thanksgiving.

Even with this strict, non-negotiable pre-holiday music rule, I am not above doing a little planning ahead. And that includes making Christmas cards. And, so I’ve started moving this activity to late October or early November. I know, that sounds crazy, but seriously being ahead here allows me to really enjoy the cards as they arrive at my home, and not have each one be a stressful reminder of my lagging behind.

To help make the process easier, I recently partnered with a fabulous company, Cardstore. What I love most about the site is its friendly design and user-friendly interface. Think of it like it is your own little workshop of Holiday Card Elves.

Hereʼs how I make the process of holiday cards easy and fun!

Get into a Holiday state of mind: When it comes to sending cards, most of us do it because we have to. But letʼs put the desire back into this wonderful gift we have, the gift of family and friends. Pour yourself your favorite mug of something hot and spicy and enjoy the process of saying, “Hi” to our loved ones through the process of sending holiday cards!


Choose location, location, location: Where you relax and set up is important. Perhaps itʼs a coffee shop, fireside in your favorite wingback or even cozy in bed after youʼve tucked your kids in. Find a location that will let you focus and get those creative juices flowing.


Now that we are cozy! The card is just a few simple steps.

1. Select your card! Spend some time reviewing your selection. While I know choosing a card from all of the darling styles can be hard, simply make a short list and then pick one! It took me awhile but then I realized with all of the amazing cards to choose from, any of the cards on my short list would be perfect!


Picture Perfect! Okay, who are we kidding! Getting the picture can be the hardest part. But sending holiday greetings isnʼt about being perfect. Itʼs about showing where we are in this point of our lives. Missing teeth, crazy smiles — itʼs all okay. The beauty of Cardstore is you can upload pictures from your desktop or various social media sites. Itʼs that easy.


Sign it: This is the personalization process that I adore! I had so much fun with the colors and fonts, you can really feel like you are making the card your own.


Proof and Order: The final step is to review, and with this fantastic editing bubble I ensured that I spelled my childrenʼs names correctly (hey, at 11:00 at night and after three hours of helping with 5th grade homework, stranger things have happened) and then submit. I opted to have the cards sent to me because I like to hand-address and write on every one of our cards. However, Cardstore will also send your cards to your loved ones for you, if you prefer. Remember those elves? How amazing is that!


AND four days later… voila! They arrived on my doorstep ready to be addressed and personalized over the next couple of weeks.


While the card-making process can feel overwhelming, especially during the season, itʼs really a wonderful opportunity to be grateful if we do it in a timely fashion and with the wonderful help of our Holiday Elves at CardStore. With this task behind me, I can crank up those tunes come the day after Thanksgiving, pour myself a cup of tea and let the cards roll in — excited and grateful for everyone of those lovely holiday faces that show up in my mailbox.

Holiday cards now 30% off! Don’t miss out on this chance to beat the holiday rush and save money at the same time. Offer valid 11/1– 11/7. Use Code: CCP3130. Iʼd sing you a tune, but, well, you know.

A little extra merry merry! If you choose start your cards early, Cardstore is offering 30% holiday orders off from November 1st – 7th with code: CCP3130. A great way to get a gracious step a head AND save money!

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