#HolidayPrep Party Paring: @GoGingham

by Mindy Lockard on November 13, 2012

We’re having a #HolidayPrep Party 11/15 8PM ET!!!!

And askesd our #HolidayPrep Party Panelists (say that three times fast, whoa!) to share the “prep” item that they cannot live without at the holidays and found the perfect Sheaffer Pen to make a match made in #HolidayPrep heaven.

First up, @GoGingham


in her frugle ways uses this notebook to track her giving and her receiving. Making sure she is on budget and her thank-you notes.

Sarah writes…

“This is how I keep track of cards and gifts I’ve sent to friends and family. It keeps me from having nagging thoughts about whether or not I sent a thank you note, a birthday gift or when I got last year’s holiday gifts in the mail.

It’s a plain white binder that I covered in pretty paper and then printed a label.
The sheets are easy to read and easy for my husband and kids to enter their correspondence as well. I used the same directions as my recipe binders, which can be found here.

We love this idea and think it is perfectly paired with this beatiful Sheaffer Pen. What’s more fun than crossing off a list? Crossing off a list with a beautiful pen!


How do you budget and track giving at the holidays?

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