I’m sorry, what did you say? I was twittering…

by Mindy Lockard on March 5, 2009

As an Etiquette Consultant I appreciate this video (aside from a hint of crass language) because of the humor it uses to show our bitter truth. When it comes to technology we’ve become distracted and it’s rude! Twitterers or anyone associated with any form of social media know it can be consuming: the intrigue of new followers, following friends and the crazy ability to let everyone know our status. The victims of our obsession are the people in our presence who have fallen second chair to our new “friends”… most of whom we couldn’t identify in a line-up.

So, when the techno siren’s sweet song of a new message begins to lure you away from your conversation partner and you’re tempted to implement your “Secret Checking Strategy” …Stop, and think about this tip…

It’s hard but you CAN do it…


Minimizing the volume is great for calls, but when it comes to incoming messages it’s best to remove the temptation entirely. Never fear, young Jedi, there is a power button that will restore your communication uninterrupted. Your tweets, facebook, My Space, Linkedin, text, and e-mail cohorts will understand, the person in your presence may not!

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