Just Chill!

by Mindy Lockard on September 16, 2009

The art of chilling…

What do you do?

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Hoping to Chill Out « KristenElizabethBooks
09.17.09 at 2:14 pm

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Serena 09.17.09 at 12:32 pm

I’m not good at relaxing either– or at least what people think of when they think of relaxing. When I get some unscheduled time, I find it relaxing to move the furniture and clean my condo thoroughly. I’ve been known to do this on vacation days. Thanks for posting this. It’s a good reminder I need to work on the same thing. One thing I do sometimes is walk long distances to do one errand. That way I am mission-oriented and feel “productive” but really, I’m just taking a long walk to pick up a greeting card or something silly.

admin 09.17.09 at 1:04 pm

I love hearing that I’m not alone! Thank you for sharing and for the long walk to a productive destination idea. That I can do.

Kristen Elizabeth 09.17.09 at 2:02 pm

Ooh! I like this one! Yes! I’m a chiller! I can chill with the best of em baby. …But honestly, it took me lots of work to get here. Therapy really. Not that I’m recommeding all of your readers need it (although –cough– I do have openings –cough–), but I actually do think it’s helpful to think of “chilling” as “therapeutic time.” Time that you actually need to be integrated and balanced, and able to give from a grounded place. It’s time that you need, I think, to know yourself, enjoy being yourself, and in that way know better how to share your real self with others. (Oh dear, so counselor-y)

Chill time doesn’t have to be slow and quiet in the literal sense, but slow and quiet in the sense that you let your mind rest from the list of to-do’s, the should’s and anxieties. You can tell yourself you get to come back to those things at such-in-such-a time, and for now it’s a break. You want your whole body to believe you, to let go of any constricting tension or wound up energy. So if that means total quiet, ambient music, or loud and crazy laughter, go for it. Lots of people find a little movement is helpful–walking, riding, dancing? You might want to be alone, or you could decide to find the friends that can totally chill with you, who help you find that peaceful place and can get into leaving the worries aside for a while. …Give yourself a little time to live it up carefree and do whatever it is you really feel like doing. …And if you feel guilty about it, call me.

Serena 09.18.09 at 2:14 pm

I was thinking about this last night when i couldn’t sit still during a movie. Maybe removing yourself from other people’s expectations of what it means to chill is could be a good strategy. To me, watching a movie is not relaxing if I know there is something I want to do more. So maybe being productive is relaxing to you. The question to ask is, is the activity draining or is it replenishing? If something that replenishes other people drains you, then you shouldn’t have to do it to conform to someone else’s idea of relaxation.

admin 09.18.09 at 10:20 pm

Ladies I totally agree! Thank you Kristin for sharing your “expert” wisdom and Serena for taking my question to heart. I totally agree that relaxation is relative. I actually “relax” while being productive, and feel anxious when I’m doing nothing. I love the dialogue!

Gay Grossman/Letters from Lilly 09.19.09 at 1:43 pm

This was a great post! I don’t ever stop. There is no “chilling” here. But if I were to chill it would be while; taking a walk on the beach (check, did it this morning) or sitting on the deck with girlfriends (check, did it last week) or keeping up to date on social media things (check, doing it right now). So I guess I could say I’m chilling all the quite often?

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