#LunchboxLove: What Are You Saying?

by Mindy Lockard on September 26, 2012

Today we continue our #LunchboxLove conversation and what would a lunchbox be without…

a love note.


A tradition passed down by my mother.

Love notes don’t have to be long to be meaningful. Just a pen, a napkin and sentence (or two) to say…

I love you!!!!


Do you send notes to your children? A friend? A loved one? We’d love to have you share a bit about your #LunchboxLove notes either in a post  or picture. And if you do share, you’ll enter to win my favorite #LunchboxLove Sheaffer writing pen. Just post below on the blog, on facebook, twitter or Instagram and tag me @TheGraciousGirl and #LunchboxLove. So many options. I can’t wait to hear about your lunchbox notes!

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Marialexandra 09.28.12 at 6:00 am

I send little notes in my kids’ lunchboxes on random days and I am happy to report neither has ever told me they were embarrassed by them. A couple of weeks ago I sent them little messages in a creative way I learned from @coryanneettiene. On a banana, I wrote using a leadless mechanical pencil, writing over the peel. When it was lunch time and my son and daughter took their bananas out of their lunch boxes, my message was visible! They loved it and my little love note to them made an extra special imprint on their day.

Mindy Lockard 09.28.12 at 10:48 am

Marialexandra, LOVE this tip! I’m going to try it next week. Such a fun #LunchboxLove tip!!!! Thanks for sharing.

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