Introducing Girl Friday

by Mindy Lockard on April 23, 2009

We are excited to announce our very own Girl Friday, Sarah Lilly, is joining our Friday writing repertoire.  Ms. Lilly has been serving (beautifully we might add) as’s intern for the past eight months.  Girl Friday’s etiquettes will tackle the wonderful world of college life from living among housemates to preparing for the all important interview.   We invite you to follow her journey as she embraces a life of gracious living one Friday at a time!


The college lifestyle is somewhat blissful-late night studying, dirty laundry, lack of sleep and the constantly disorganized bedroom. After three years of this “blissful” lifestyle, I have learned the importance of organization, order and caffeine in order to keep my sanity! Living with 45 women has been a perfectly challenging opportunity to put these practices to use.  However there are times when things can get a little messy around our house.  In an attempt to keep our house presentable and clean, our leadership decided to instate an annual “Spring clean” day where we dedicate an entire morning to dusting, scrubbing and vacuuming our house-inside and out!

cleaning-post-pictureIn an almost ceremonial experience each resident draws from a hat their chore for the day’s events, either taking a sigh of relief after they draw or a sigh of discontent.  The bathroom chores and kitchen chores are always the most dreaded as they are the areas with the most traffic therefore the dirtiest and hardest to clean. 

Of course the universe had aligned for me this year as my chore was to clean the bathroom. Myself, with a team of four others were in charge of cleaning toilets, floors, cubbies and showers. We cleaned, scrubbed, bleached and brushed the bathroom all while dancing around to extremely loud music. By the time we were done the room sparkled and shined from all of our hard work.

 Other girls were a little more blessed than I was this year. However, I would not have traded my chore for any other cleaning opportunity. The bonds that I make with my housemates every year are priceless and prove that you can strengthen friendships through something as simple as cleaning.

Even though the college lifestyle can be tough at times, spring cleaning our lives and homes can be the perfect remedy for just about anything!   I learned that it is about being gracious with one another, sharing and having a positive attitude when it comes to cleaning.

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We are currently working on reaserch items for the column. If you have a topic idea or question for Girl Friday let her know in the comment section.

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