Pen-to-Paper Design Series: Spaces and Graces in 2013

by Mindy Lockard on January 10, 2013

I’m sad to announce that my friend Patricia van Esseche our fourth blogger in our Pen-to-Paper Interior Design Series has had a family emergency and is not able to post her contribution today.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Patricia and her family.

As we look at a series about home and design it makes me think about my own space. While I’m not a designer, I know that space and design play a role in how gracious I am. When I have my ducks in a row I am able to genuinely extend grace and care to others. When I feel like my life is out of order, I am a little less mannerly and timely.


For me it’s about organization first and second about a space that inspires me: colors, textures and visuals. In thinking about how we keep spaces, awhile back I conducted a survey of readers and how and where they like to have home order!


When my life is in order . . .
76% I feel like I can take on the world.
24% I like order but can function without it.
0% It isn’t important to me.

When you try to create order, do you . . .
51% tackle it all at once?
29% take it slowly, almost too slowly?
9% I think I’ve got it under control.
9% I don’t really act on it; I just think about it.

What area do you need to have in order to feel like you have it together?
56% home
17% work
6% social
3% yard
0% car
18% all of the above

What area of your home is most unorganized?
29% kitchen cupboards
26% bathroom drawers and cupboards
17% my closet
11% linen closet
9% children’s closets
8% other (spare room, storage closet, basement, or garage)

So while order is important, so is a good system. For me, systems require good old fashioned paper and pen. So while I’m not a designer, I know that it doesn’t take a remodel or new furniture to make our spaces feel good.
What do you do to bring new life and organization to your space?   Drop a note below to win one of my most favorite Sheaffer Pen’s.
Perfect for keeping in your pocket, or handbag…
always there to jot down a domestic note, or two!
To win the pen, drop a note below and tell me the area of your home that you’d like to get in order or add a little spice to in 2013!
I can’t wait to hear!

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