Q & A Wednesday: Two Parties, Two Gifts?

by Mindy Lockard on June 17, 2009

gift-givingIn the spirit of June’s Manner Preparing for summer 2009, where we look at the various roles we assume when it comes to summer parties, we bring you a question about what to do as a guest.  This was asked by one of our ManneroftheMonth.com magazine subscribers.

Q: I’m invited to a wedding shower and bachelorette party.  Should I plan to take a gift to both?

A: Yes.  Although a gift is never expected (thus why we don’t include registration cards), it is always a gracious gesture.  You will feel more comfortable on arrival and during the gift opening process when you have something (even if it’s little) to contribute.  In light of current economic situations, taking a gift to two events – especially in the same month – can impact the ol’ pocketbook.  Big and expensive isn’t always best.  It’s okay to give a small gift as it’s always the thought that counts.  When we put thought and time into a gift, it won’t matter the price tag.  Unless the invitation states otherwise, keep shower gifts for practical daily use and bachelorette for the “nightly” use – it’s not about being prude, it’s about being respectful.  Even if you’re okay with the naughtier side, the bride-to-be or her aunt Betty sipping afternoon tea may not be.  If you’re not sure what to choose for a shower gift… start with her registry!

For more summer scenarios and solutions or to simply to prepare your children for the day-to-day outings, subscribe to June’s issue of ManneroftheMonth.com Summer 2009: Perfectly Prepared.  We’re using the issue at our house, and it’s very helpful!

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