Q & A Wednesday: Professionally Printed vs. Print at Home Calling Cards

by Mindy Lockard on February 18, 2009

Calling CardI have been all a twitter, communicating with my new social media friends from Allen Hall Public Relations and loving it! Last night we discussed the importance of having the necessary tools for networking. I encouraged the students to look into calling cards as I believe they are a valuable tool for aspiring professionals and interns.

Today, I received a great question from one of my Allen Hall PR twitter followers. I brought it over to our blog as I simply couldn’t answer it Twitter style in 140 characters or less…

“@MonthlyManner Would you suggest having calling cards printed at a business or purchasing clean, blank sheets of cards and printing at home?”

Professionally Printed Cards guarantee a polished image. There are several companies that print cards at reasonable price points. For the moderate level I recommend Moo, Modern Postcard and Over Night Prints or you can not go wrong with (100% cotton) calling card from Crane and Co–my personal favorite!

Print at Home is a less expensive option and can work well if you are printer savvy. Companies such as Avery and Gartner Studios have paper and templates designed for this very purpose. You can find these products online or at any office supply store. Before printing, I suggest researching cards you find professional and using them as a format guide. Make sure the print is centered and that there isn’t any discrepancy in the tone of the ink. Always recycle any questionable cards as it would be a shame for a less than perfect card to end up in the hands of an important contact.

Thanks for the question bripinder, I hope this helps!

Note:Please feel free to submit questions for Q&A Wednesday. Each week we will select one question to be answered on our blog. If you want direct communication with Mindy or for a more in-depth look into professional manners subscribe to Manner of the Month

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Isaac 03.07.09 at 10:39 pm

Hmm… I have to say, as an alum of the PR and advertising programs at the UO J-school, I can’t recommend ANY print-at-home calling cards. I get handed a lot of these, usually by “freelance copywriters” and the first thing I think is “Really? You handed me a home-printed business card? Seriously?”

Think about what YOU think when someone hands you a really nice card. Then think about what you think when it feels like printer paper, and you see little perforation marks around the edges.

In the old days, the difference between home printed and professionally printed cards could be $50, but now companies like Moo give you really crisp, clean cards for $20. The first impression you make is the most important.

admin 03.08.09 at 11:57 am

“Thank you Isaac for your thoughts on print at home cards! I appreciate your field expertise!

Sarah 07.14.09 at 8:42 am

Hi, Mindy!

Do you have any do’s and don’ts or suggestions for what to put on a calling cards as far as design, wording and info?

admin 07.14.09 at 11:06 am

Hi, Sarah,

I think the most important thing is to keep the card clean and have the most important information on them such as: email, cell or phone, social media. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Thanks, Mindy

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