Q & A Wednesday: What to do with a clammy hand?

by Mindy Lockard on March 31, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I was presenting my Networking 101 program at a sorority for the chapter’s junior and senior women. At the end of the program one of the seniors pulled me aside…


Sorority Senior: Okay, so, I have sweaty palms.  What do I do when I engage in a handshake and my hands are noticeable clammy?


Mindy: If it makes you feel any better, my pinky bone rolls when someone shakes my hand too tight. I understand awkward handshakes and aside from surgery or other evasive procedures, of which I don’t think either of us plan to have, we just have to make the best of the “hand” we’ve been dealt.


So for the clammy hands…


Don’t hold a wet beverage in your right hand as it only heightens the moisture factor. 

Do have a napkin handy -no pun intended. Keep your right hand at your side for a discrete, I emphasize discrete, side swipe on your way up to the shake.  Last but not least stop sweating it, literally, the more you think about it the more your body will react to the tension. Worrying about it will hijack your attention minimizing your ability to remember names or truly engage. So, get over it and do your best to reach out with conversation and not just with a sweaty palm.


On the flip side, if you shake a hand and feel like you’ve just wrung out a hand towel…

Don’t consciously or unconsciously wipe your hand on your side and never comment on it.


Do remember the golden rule. It’s always best to extend grace to others and their imperfections; especially those imperfections that are uncontrollable. 


Learning to have grace with ourselves and others is one of the first steps to gracious living. Keeping in mind that nobody’s perfect, on either side of the handshake!


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Kate 04.01.09 at 9:59 am

You can also use a quick spray of antiperspirant. Just use the unscented kind and without powder. Works wonders!

EthisyHutty 04.04.09 at 5:53 am

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