Q&A Wednesday: What is ManneroftheMonth.com?

by Mindy Lockard on January 12, 2010

Question: I’m a little confused.  I’ve read your tweets and I’m a member of the facebook group but I’m still not sure if I’m a member of Manner of the Month?  Is it different from your blog?

Answer: Great question, I’m so happy to help sort it out!

Our blog is a place where I share my adventure of gracious living.  It’s an introduction into Gracious Living.  A place to get your feet wet!

ManneroftheMonth.com magazine is a subscription How-To guide for those really serious about living a gracious life.  Living a Mannerly life can feel overwhelming, our goal with ManneroftheMonth.com magazine is to simplify the process… one Manner at a time!

New issues post on the fifteenth of each month. Subscribers may access the information anytime during the month for monthly members and year-round for collection members.

Let’s take a look at the actual publication…

Every issue focuses on one Manner.  Some Manners focus on a seasonal topic, while others focus on general reminders for gracious living.  For example August ’09 focused on the all  important netiquette…


What’s in the Manner?

See the tabs? Each manner is broken down in the “Key Points”, suggestions for “In the Home”, tips for “At the Office”, and “Tools” where subscribers access downloadable resources as well as additional reading suggestions.

Key Points

“Key Points” break down the manner.  In September 2009’s manner Fall for Food we looked at the close ties between Manners and Food with reminders about eating healthy, stocking a pantry and entertaining.


Example: In the Home

December 2009’s issue Holiday Parties: Wearing your Gracious Best’s “In the Home” provided simple How-Tos in preparing children to be on their best party behavior.

An excerpt from that section…


At the Office

On the “At the Office” page we provide simple tips to making the most of one’s professional life.  In January ’09 issue we look at helping the office: Going Healthy While at Work, Going Green, and How we Give Back while working.



I saved the best for last and my favorite part of each Manner: “Tools”.  This page is the place where subscribers access downloadable resources to help make the Manner come to life.


For example here is a script we provide parents to make the Thank-You note process easier.  This is one of many downloads available to our subscribers at the touch of the “Print” button.


Subscriptions keep our work alive!

We would love to have you join the journey and support our work in way of Gracious Living!

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