Q&A Wednesday: Am I obligated to attend?

by Mindy Lockard on August 18, 2009


This great question came across my twitter feed…


Answer: You need not feel obligated to accept with pleasure or decline with regret any invitation. The beauty of an invitation is that it is asking you not telling you to attend. Please keep in mind that if you do decline, it’s always most gracious to send a gift ahead (even something very small — your gift doesn’t have to break the bank) to say congratulations with a note of congratulatory nature.  Although giving a gift isn’t required (the manners police will not come after you, and I’m a bit busy playing summer camp counselor to the Lockard Ladies to put on my uniform) it is the most gracious gesture.  Simply keep in mind, a present is an extension of your gracious presence whether you attend or not!

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