Q&A Wednesday: Which comes first?

by Mindy Lockard on August 4, 2009


In the spirit of our July/August’s issue of ManneroftheMonth.com magazine, ‘Tis the Season: preparing for the most wonderful time of the year so we can keep our manners and enjoy ourselves during the most wonderful time of the year,  we bring you a question that was asked of us last holiday season:

Q: When printing my family’s names on our Holiday Card, which name comes first? Man or woman?

A: It seems as if the man would go first, but in fact it is the woman’s name that starts the signature.  Such as Mindy, Ty, Elle and Maggie.  Remember it’s always “ladies first” from the first to enter a room to first name on a signature!

On a personal note…

While I’m on the issue of Holiday Cards and thanks to our July/August issue, I’m starting to prepare for the season about five months earlier than usual.

My first task in pre-planning, is taking this year’s Holiday Card photo.  I’ve had a photo idea for three years that required out of town travel, perfect temperature, and willing participants (my children) .  This coming weekend is the perfect time to capture the photo as we will be visiting one of my best friends in Del Mar, California, the ideal location.  This photo shoot is the only item – aside from my surfing lesson on Friday– on my To-Do list and I can’t wait to check it off of my pre-planning holiday check-list!

So, while I plan the specific shots, charge the camera and press the dresses… I leave you with a glimpse of our past greetings for the season…

Seasons Greetings 2006…

christmas-20071Note: This was before my signature research

2007 No Place Like Home


Front and Back of Card


inside of card

Note: Maggie is free from all side-kick costumes for the rest of her life.  I’m so glad she was young and forgiving. Our friends on the other hand have yet to let me forget the homemade ‘Toto’/bear cub costume incident of 2007…

2008 – Whispering Wishes


I can’t wait to share this year’s card! Here’s a hint… it will blow our past greetings out of the water!

Do you have a schedule for your greetings? If so, I’d love to know.

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