Q&A: Wednesday Preparing our little ones to walk down the aisle

by Mindy Lockard on July 7, 2009

This morning we are chatting about this very same subject at No Time for Flashcards! Please pop on over for our complete video list of flower girl and ring-bearer ABC’s. Thanks Allie for hosting us!


Q: My son and I will both be in my best friend’s wedding party in a few weeks. What can I do to prepare him for this day.

A: Children can be an adorable addition to the wedding party. However, it can also prove to be a rather stressful time for an overly stimulated adorable child and their frantic and overly embarrassed parents.  As an etiquette consultant and mother of a successful and not-so-successful flower girl debut, I’ve put together a list of day of must haves here on our blog and a complete ABC’s of flower-girl and ring-bearer manners at No Time for Flashcards.

Here are the totes we take to help keep the girls happily entertained, and Land’s End lunch packs to help keep them from turning into flower girlzillas!


Our wedding day must haves:

· Crayola Wonder Paper (our girls like to draw the pretty things they see on the blank pads)

· Sticker or Activity Books

· Aprons (to protect their clothing when they are coloring or eating)

· Books

· One of their favorite toys

· Tide-to-Go Pen

· Wet Wipes


· Cheese Sticks

· Trail mix (no chocolate)

· Crackers

· Water

For more summertime manners for your children subscribe to this month’s issue of ManneroftheMonth.com online magazine.

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