Rainy Day Art Show

by Mindy Lockard on March 29, 2009

Last Saturday I was curled up on my sister’s sofa enjoying my final day of Spring Break, savoring each moment as I flipped through April’s issue of Real Simple getting ideas for April’s issue of Manner of the Month: Spring Sweep, sipping  a large cup of coffee and debating on whether I should take an early afternoon nap. Glancing at the clock, I realized I had forty-one minutes until tip-off of the UConn vs. Villanova game-a game that would abduct Ty’s attention for much of the afternoon. I had all but decided to head to the bedroom for a little rest when my brother-in-law came bounding downstairs, “Ty, we’re heading to a bar downtown to watch the games. Do you want to come?” Ty, shot me a sheepish look, “Let me ask Mindy” he said. I shot a look back-less sheepish and more like I’d just stepped on a sharp object. However, I managed to suppress my disappointment over not having an afternoon siesta and muster the most sincere, “Sure. You should go!” possible.

This quick departure by our parenting partners left my sister and me with five children (ages: four months, two, three, four, & five) home on a rainy Northwest afternoon. So, with a little help from a twitter contact, Keep it Classy Jen, who suggested a craft project and an oldie but goodie Mommy trick, we whipped up one fabulous afternoon art show.

After quiet time, all of the children (except the baby) were given four pieces of paper and crayons, and quickly went to work creating abstract masterpieces. When each child was finished he or she brought me the pictures and shared what had been drawn…

A man lost his teeth and baby ones grew in
A tree with Monkeys
A house with a fire that never goes out
A Map
It’s Red (scribbles in green crayon)

…and I wrote down the description on the bottom of each the drawing.

art-show-006Once all of the pictures were created, collected and hung aka scotch taped- on a blank wall, we waited for the daddies to return. When everyone was present, we sat around the living room/gallery and each child anxiously waited for his or her turn to play docent.

As luxurious as an afternoon rest would have been, I wouldn’t have traded it for the sparkle in the children’s eyes as they shared their inspirations or meeting “the guy who lost his teeth only to grow baby ones”… seriously, sleep can wait!

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Keep It Classy Jen 03.30.09 at 6:49 am

Oh my that is TOO funny!! Love the “all the children(except the baby)” LOL! Oh and the “It’s Red” Sounds like a great time!

Wendy 03.30.09 at 6:42 pm

Wonderful post!

All of our doors down a main hallway in our home “house” beautiful art pieces from our 2 and 5-year-old. We use painters tape to attach them so there’s no damage to the wood or paint. There is nothing more lovely then the art from a child!

Liesel 03.31.09 at 10:54 pm

I want to see the Art!!!

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