Sheaffer Father’s Wisdom Series | Interview with Russell Sheaffer

by Mindy Lockard on June 9, 2013

With Father’s Day on the horizon, we thought it would be fun to partner with a few fabulous fathers (one each day of the week) and ask them to share, on their blogs, lessons in wisdom that they were taught by their fathers or are passing on to their children.  Not only will they be sharing Father’s Wisdoms they will be hosting a giveaway of a fabulous Ferrari 300 Pen by Sheaffer Pen.

I mean what’s cooler than Father’s Wisdom, fast cars and amazing writing instruments?


Here’s our line-up of Fathers!!!

Tuesday: Dave Masin of Masin’s Fine Furnishings in Seattle Washington

Wednesday: Brian Kelsey of Kelsey on the House and Martha Stwart Morning Radio

Thursday: Fred Goodall, Mocha Dad

Friday: Chris Leonard Morgan, London Stationery Show | Stationery Bytes Blog

Kicking the series off today, we thought we would stay in the family, the Sheaffer Family. Joining us on the blog is none other than Russell Sheaffer the son of John Sheaffer and Great Grandson of Sheaffer Pen’s founder, Walter Sheaffer!

Here is my conversation with Russell Sheaffer on Father’s Wisdoms!

The Gracious Girl: In the spirit of Father’s Day. How would you describe your father John Sheaffer?

Russell Sheaffer: My father is a man of great character who is very consistent in his beliefs and actions.  He expects people to put forth their best while doing the same.  Dad is a very methodical thinker and has the discipline to consider many angles before acting; he is not a spontaneous person!  Like all good fathers, he can be “tough,” but beneath the rigidness he’s a very thoughtful and caring person.


(John Sheaffer, Russell Sheaffer and John Sheaffer Jr.)

The Gracious Girl: In thinking about Father’s Wisdom. What is a life lesson or skill that your father John Sheaffer passed down to you that you continue to use in your daily life?

Russell Sheaffer: I can always count on my Dad to be honest and direct; his opinions are rarely vague.  I can always count on him to tell me what I need to hear rather than what I want to hear.  I strive to do the same – both in my business and my personal life.


(Russell Sheaffer, Sheaffer General Manager Tim Williams & John Sheaffer)

The Gracious Girl: Reflection. Your Great Grandfather Walter Sheaffer began Sheaffer Pen in 1913, how has his entrepreneurial spirit impacted your life?

Russell Sheaffer: When I got into my current line of business, it involved a difficult decision to change jobs, move my family far from what they knew as home and assume a fair amount of risk.  Like my Great Grandfather, I was driven by the dream of a brighter future.  I was absolutely convinced through hard work and creativity I could achieve a higher level of success.  If one truly believes in themselves, the inherent uneasiness associated with risk is almost entirely eliminated.  Self confidence and clarity are two traits of any successful entrepreneur.


(Russell Sheaffer and John Sheaffer)

The Gracious Girl: What lesson / wisdom are you working to pass on to your three sons?

Russell Sheaffer: My Dad was, and still is a “fatherly figure.”  He was always a father first, and a friend second.  While that has evolved somewhat in my older years, I still have an unwavering respect for elders and appreciation for the opportunities my father (and mother) have provided me.

My Dad once told me the only thing in life he was going to “give” me was the best education I could earn; what I did with it was entirely up to me.  After that, I was on my own.  For the most part, I think I’ve made more good decisions than bad, and I hope my three sons can say the same when they’re my age!

Thank you Russell for sharing your Father’s Wisdom and helping us kick off our fabulous series.  See you tomorrow on Masins Furniture Blog!

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