#SheafferLiving #Giveback Panelist: @VerilyMag

by Mindy Lockard on August 27, 2013

Tonight is our #SheafferLiving #Giveback twitter party and we couldn’t be more excited!


In the spirit of the party, we want to give you a sneak peek into the world of our amazing expert panelists!

Today we introduce you to Ashley Crouch, joining us from the Verily Magazine team, or @VerilyMag.

What is Verily Magazine?


Verily Magazine is a fashion and lifestyle print publication that celebrates the best of who you are. In contrast to the typical fashion magazine, which causes women to feel worse about themselves after only 3 minutes of reading (according to recent studies), Verily is a positive, uplifting publication. They feature fashion that is worthy of the woman, relationship coverage that goes beyond sex tips, and strong cultural and lifestyle journalism. They give back to the community by providing a safe space for women to truly thrive and offering meaningful content that guides women towards an integrated, fulfilling life.
Meet Ashley…
In the spirit of #GivingBack, do you have a favorite memory of a #Giveback experience?
There have been so many moments since starting Verily! We’re delighted by how women have been touched; some have said “I didn’t even know I wanted a magazine like this,” while others have confided in me that reading an article has been particularly healing or given them courage during a difficult time. But one of my favorite moments was on set shooting for our Runway to Realway campaign, where we bring real women to model fashion for the magazine. At the end of a long drizzly grey day of shooting, we were all so warm and cheerful inside. One of the women who modeled told us, “I’ve never felt more beautiful.” That’s what it’s all about.
Why is important for you personally to #Giveback?
I’ve seen firsthand how generosity can change lives, through the many friends, mentors, and people who offered me their time and wisdom on my journey. I was so filled with gratitude to these individuals for their kindness, and felt like I could never repay them enough for what they had given me. Then, one day a friend told me that the best way to repay someone for kindness is to “pay it forward.” I try to live by that mantra.
What lead you to your work in the area of #Giveback and impacting the lives of others?
I truly believe in the power of storytelling. So often, the media creates a storyline for women by which they evaluate themselves, their worth, and their life choices. I wanted to participate in a new vision for women – to be a new storyteller by using a medium such as a fashion magazine to touch women’s hearts and help them lead a more fulfilling life.
Thank you, Ashley!
We cannot wait to chat with you and our other panelists The World Needs More Love Letters, She’s The First and United Way tomorrow night!

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