#SheafferLiving #Giveback Panelists: She’s The First

by Mindy Lockard on August 26, 2013

The countdown is on for our #SheafferLiving #Giveback Twitter Party!


In the spirit of the party, we want to give you a sneak peek into the world of our amazing expert panelists!

Today we introduce you to¬†She’s The First!

She’s the First sponsors girls in developing countries to get an education, many of which become the first in their families to graduate! With our campus chapters across the United States, we are able to help empower young women in college and promote leadership skills as they take part in creative fundraisers to raise money for girls in other parts of the world to go to school. We have two major campaigns to raise funds for these girls and shed light on the issue of girls education: the Run the World Campaign, and our Tie-Dye Cupcake campaign that starts this fall! (Sign ups begin September 1st). We are committed to #Giveback because we believe that it is unacceptable for only 1 in 5 girls in the developing world to finish primary school and 1 in 3 countries has as many girls as boys in secondary school.


Up close with @ShesTheFirst!


In the spirit of #GivingBack, do you have a favorite memory of a #Giveback experience?

There is probably a situation every day that becomes a highlight of #Givingback. Whether it be through the updates we receive on the amazing programs our scholars are succeeding in at school, the letters we receive through our pen pal program where the girls tell us themselves how everything is going, or seeing the creativity and drive which our campus chapters are always inspiring us with. We recently had our campus leadership summit where She’s the First campus chapter leaders from around the country for a few days of learning and working together. It was incredible to see their passions shine. It’s important to note that even though we might be an organization known to #Giveback, what we receive and learn from the girls we work with both in the U.S. and around the world is just as important and influential.

Why is important for you personally to #Giveback?

The world is big, but we are all interconnected. We have a responsibility to do our part in making it a better place for everyone. She’s the First focuses on girls’ education not only because of the astonishing numbers of girls that are not in school, but also because of the incredible impact they have on their communities, countries, and even the world. An extra year of primary school for girls means they can earn 10 to 20 percent more, on average. Girls with secondary education have an even bigger return of 18% percent return in future wages. Plus, there is a positive connection between educating girls and lowering maternal mortality rates, delaying childbirth and family size, and improving hygiene to slow the spread of disease. Girls who are educated are, in the long run, likely to marry later, bear fewer children, educate their own children, and be less vulnerable to sexual abuse and coerced sex (and therefore less likely to be infected by sexually transmitted diseases)

What lead you to your work in the area of #Giveback and impacting the lives of others?

She’s the First actually started as a YouTube video! The video was inspired after Founder, Tammy Tibbetts, learned of how many girls were not in school around the world and saw some of the effects of this as she was traveling. Once the word was out through this video, She’s the First grew rapidly when those who saw it wanted to do something about this issue. Today, 4 years later, we are fortunate to have a family of our volunteers, partner schools, and campus chapters that keep She’s the First moving forward and able to send higher numbers of girls to school in more and more countries.

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