#SheafferLiving #SpringStyle Panelist: @fashionoffice

by Mindy Lockard on April 10, 2012

We are back with more panelist fun leading up to our #SheafferLiving #SpringStyle twitter party (Thursday, April 12 from 8 to 9 PM EST) and hope you will join us for the hour-long event. Aside from the colorful conversation, we will be joined by a truly stylish panel of four fashion industry experts. Monday through Thursday of this week we will be featuring one of our fantastic experts each day — after all the success of any party lies in quality of introductions and engaging conversations!

Without further ado, we bring you panelist number three!

The Fashion Office: @FashionOffice


I absolutely adore  today’s panelist {as I do all of your panelists} and I’m so honored that she agreed to join Thursday’s Sheaffer Pen #SpringStyle chat. When you read her bio and her stylish insights you’ll know exactly why! Ruth is a true fashion fortune teller, with a pulse on the industry. But not only is she a powerhouse, she’s one of the most gracious people I have ever worked with. Characteristics I deeply admire! We are so fortunate that she is willing to give us a peak behind the this season’s hottest fashion accessory trends!

With that said, our Expert Panelist No. 3: Ruth Staiman of The Fashion Office {@FashionOffice}


#Sheaffer Living #SpringStyle Panelist: @FashionOffice

President and Co-Founder of The Fashion Office

Ruth’s career in fashion spans over twenty years.  Under Bloomingdale’s legendary fashion director, Kal Ruttenstein, she covered many fashion categories, sourcing unique products and developing brands through strategic advertising, marketing, visual merchandising and event-driven initiatives.

Ruth spent over seven years at Hearst Magazines in marketing and sales.  At Esquire magazine, she developed brand-enhancing marketing and events throughout the U.S. and Europe for the Advertising, Retail and Wholesale Fashion communities. She also served as Editorial Director of Trade Talk; a seasonal portfolio that covered Fashion Trends through the eyes of the retail community.

In 2009 The Fashion Office was born. The Fashion Office was founded to be a creative source that is ahead of the curve distilling fashion & tech trends from the arts & travel. The Fashion Office team serves many fashionable businesses and brings 25+ years of retail, product development, publishing, marketing, PR and editorial expertise.

Basically Loves: Her Family and Fashion!

#SpringStyle Questions

@TheGraciousGirl: What color or colors are you loving this season?

@FashionOffice: On the runways, Spring 2012 was a riot of colors. Dusty pastels are a great look to break out of the Black syndrome. I like to keep things monochrome and dress all in one color with pastels. Neon colors are also a big theme for Spring. If you’re going to use neon, I prefer it in accessories. You need to make sure these colors complement your skin tone and personality before you jump into neon.

Spring 2012 Metallics are my personal favorite. I mix metallic accessories with my BLACK uniform to bring a little sparkle into my days and nights. You might add a silver pair of pumps or mules to your basics wardrobe for a touch of metallic, or a great jeweled clutch for evening.

@The Gracious Girl: What Spring fashion accessory trend are you most excited about?

@FashionOffice: Bejeweled Accessories are SO MUCH FUN this season. They perk up any look and are available at every price-point. My daughter Elizabeth and I made jeweled headbands at Saks Fifth Avenue with Erica Domesek from P.S. I Made This (@PSIMadeThis). Bejeweling an accessory is a fabulous DIY way to enjoy the trend. On the other end of the spectrum, Prada’s jeweled clutch @NeimanMarcus is a luxurious option.

@TheGraciousGirl: Do you keep your handbag neat and tidy or could you live out of it for an extended amount of time?

@FashionOffice: My handbags are always a BLACK WHOLE. I just returned from a trip to NY last night. I carried my Hermes Birkin with Gold Hardware and it’s got everything in it! 2 iPhones, MIFI, Chargers, Notebooks for each client, Wallet, TSA approved Cosmetics, a case to hold jewels, protein shakes, protein bars and Eve Echo Hand Sanitizer. I also carried a Croc tote for my laptop and iPads. I made many presentations on my trip. I need every component of my presentations conveniently at hand. It’s a real traveling tech circus, with STYLE. I always carry business cards in a holder in my pocket so I don’t have to rummage through my purse for them.

I clean my handbag out every night to submit receipts and organize notes, but by the end of the following day, it’s back to bedlam. When I’m on the road, I often carry a clutch in my bag so I can lock my purse away and attend an evening event with out dragging around enormous handbag and tote.

@TheGraciousGirl: When it comes to writing do you prefer a classic pen or fun and funky colors? Why?

@FashionOffice: I’m a pen FANATIC. I collect pens and pencils and keep them organized in silver julep cups in my offices. I get BALLISTIC when people mess with my pens. I love a precious gold fountain pen or feminine colored enamel beauty, but I’m also obsessed with Sharpies, metallic pens of all kinds, glitter pens and jeweled pencils. I’m very particular about my writing instruments. My favorites are labeled with a small tag that reads “MINE” in case there is any doubt of ownership.

For more details on our twitter party visit our invitation here and we hope you’ll come back tomorrow for more about our fabulous panel! Did you miss previous panelists: Zappos Stylist Liz Lange?

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