Shoot for the Moon!

by Mindy Lockard on June 10, 2010

Today Elle’s school had a visit from one of the school’s alums, astronaut Colonel James Dutton. Of which I joined the ranks of the mom groupies and waited in line–nearly forgetting my children’s names when he asked– to get one of these…

When Colonel Dutton was in the fourth-grade, he drew a picture of all of his classmates holding rocks, when his teacher inquired about the rocks in the picture he said, “They are the moon rocks I plan to bring back after my trip to the moon.” 

Whether we are in the fourth-grade or in our forties, it’s never too early or late to dream and dream big.  With a plan, confidence in ourselves, and a few manners in our back pocket we can confidently and accurately shoot for the moon!

From early in the morning to late at night I work on reaching my moon of making a gracious life accessible, tangible, and fun as possible for everyone! 

What is your moon?  Please do tell…

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