Silver & Gold

by Mindy Lockard on August 27, 2009

“Make new friends but keep the old some are silver and the other Gold” — Girl Scout


Today Elle celebrated the sixth birthday of her precious BF Little Miss E!  These little girls don’t remember life without each other.  At the age of six they’ve gone through some major stuff together: walking, talking, eating solid foods and learning how to be friends.  It hasn’t always been easy. Friendships take work… can I get an amen?!  There was a day that Little Miss E’s mommy (a dear friend) and I wanted to crawl under the school picket fence upon the Montessori head master’s announcement that the two had been separated indefinitely.  The fact is that the girls are as opposite as the day is long. Even during their darkest moments they adored each other–they just needed a little (months) lesson in friendship manners and learning that using unkind words or growling was not a polite way to communicate feeling.  As hard as it was for Mrs. E and me to be honest and open with each other — and there were some awkward moments — we did it out of love for the girls.

Today, they birthdayed in style as Mrs. E treated them to a girly day of pedicures (the first for both) and lunch. As the two sat side by side in the pedicure chair, mute from relaxation…


the past six years of magic and tears came flooding back.  My goodness these two have come so far since the great Montessori separation of ’06 and what amazing adventures are in store for them.  No matter where these little feet take them…


They will carry each other in their hearts not only as their first friend but their first experience in being a true friend.  What’s more golden then that?

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